RBM & Profim = Profim

In a thrilling stride toward Flokk strategic evolution & brands integration, Profim is expanding by seamlessly integrating RBM under the Profim brand.

RBM's legacy fits perfectly into the Profim's DNA

The Profim and RBM brands complement each other seamlessly, featuring user-friendly designs and affordable prices.

RBM has been part of the Flokk family since 2007, and has roots all the way back to 1975. With its Scandinavian design and focus on sustainability and quality.

Acquired in 2018, Profim became an integral part of Flokk's transformative journey to emerge as the preferred partner in seating solutions for diverse spaces. This addition to the Flokk Portfolio brought forth a broad spectrum of seating and table products tailored for the modern workspace.

Profim and RBM together will be essential for building relations in the hybrid office. 

The seamlessly integrated product portfolio of RBM and Profim will support meaningful connections in the workplace environment offering a wide range of meeting furniture solutions, including chairs, armchairs, tables, stand-alone sofas, and modular systems.

In other words - essential for  workspaces.