Introducing giroflex 40

  • The latest contribution to the Giroflex portfolio!

    The elegant, yet energising giroflex 40 is health-focused with an ergonomic design, featuring all the hallmarks of a Giroflex chair - visually simplified to create a softer more approachable chair - perfect for open office landscapes, just as well as in more private office settings.

Key Features

Synchronised mechanism

giroflex 40 is designed with synchro motion, empowering natural body movement as you recline in the chair. The more backward you recline the seat, the more your upper body will open up. This movement is created by the synchro mechanism, which drives the motion of the seat and backrest individually, at a ratio of approximately 1:2.

What is synchro motion?

Stylish wrap-around mesh back

Visually elegant and pronounced ergonomic design for optimal adaption and support. Mesh fabric, available in several colours, provides extra comfort and air circulation.

Height adjustable lumbar support

Ergonomic design feature with a range of lumbar support positions, easily adapted to different user-needs, with intuitive placed levers.

Dual-Zone seat profile

The front section of the seat has a 7° forward tilt that relieve pressure on thighs enhance blood circulation and healthy seating with comfort and the right support.

Lightweight & Robust aluminium frame

Available in either powder-coated paint or polished aluminium

Optional extras include...

3D armrests
Height adjustable headrest
Polished aluminium footbase


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