Introducing some of our friends in Røros

Røros Tweed has been weaving high quality wool products since 1940, building on a local tradition that goes back centuries. Selected wool from Norwegian sheep and 100% Norwegian production, combined with collaboration with Scandinavia’s top designers and textile artists, has made Røros Tweed one of the most renowned wholly Norwegian quality brands. 
Today, Røros Tweed is the only producer of throws and blankets in Scandinavia, ensuring that the whole value chain remains in Norway. Norwegian sheep graze on clean, fresh mountain pastures, making their wool pure and more environmentally-friendly than most textile fibres.
In combination with the flexibility and insulation properties that are naturally developed in sheep that dwell in the cold Norwegian climate, this is a fundamental reason for the superior quality and functionality of  Røros products.

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The story of RørosHetta is also the story of the Røros World Heritage Site. About how one succeeds in making something big in a small place. For hundreds of years, the Copper Workshop in Bergstaden has delivered world-class engineering. Throughout the ages, the traditional and the modern have gone hand in hand in this fairy tale-like city in the mountains.

Ventilation, kitchen hoods and refrigerated units are the pillars that have borne Røros Metall through its over 70-year history. Røros Metall started as a copper and tin shop in 1946.

Copper has also played a lead role in Røros Metall. Innovation has been at the core of the family business from day one. Over the course of these years, production has been diverse and has always been performed with a clear vision of delivering high-quality, solid craftsmanship. Thanks to solid work and innovation, RørosHetta is today the largest supplier of cooker hoods in Norway and have expanded their business to Sweden, Denmark and United Kingdom.   

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