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A guide to ergonomics

Free download: A Guide To Ergonomics

Put simply, ergonomics are the human-centred design factors.

Explore how Flokk apply the ergonomics principles through the designs we make and learn how you can improve human factors in your workplace or home.

Download our Guide to Ergonomics to discover:

• What constitutes best-practice ergonomics

• How to create a perfectly ergonomic work set-up

• Which Flokk chairs will support your health

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About the Author

Sukhi Assee, MScSenior Ergonomist, Flokk United Kingdom

A fully qualified and experienced Ergonomist, Sukhi received a Master of Science in Applied Ergonomics with concentration to office ergonomics from the University of Nottingham. Sukhi is passionate about the design of human-environment interfaces, anatomy and how the built environment can contribute to worker health and performance. Sukhi’s expertise on program and project management, has helped organisations develop proactive ergonomic programs that aim to minimise absenteeism, act upon workplace injury prevention and encourage better productivity. At Flokk Sukhi takes the role of...


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