Crafting Modern Treasures
Ruth Tomlinson
  • Crafting Modern Treasures
    Ruth Tomlinson

London based jewellery designer Ruth Tomlinson creates unique handcrafted fine jewellery. She is considered by industry experts as one of the leading influences in the current generation of jewellery designers, and her unique designs and luxuriously wearable adornments are conceived with the notion of being treasured forever.

“I am driven by my passion for the earth’s treasures; the magic of miniature, tiny intricacies, small imperfections, and the individual’s search for preciousness. I seek out the unconventional beauty within and this fuels my creativity, whether in the rarity of material or a curiosity in nature.”
– Ruth Tomlinson

After working with Ruth to refresh her workshop, we felt inspired by her originality and wanted to share her story.

Ruth Tomlinson
HÅG Capisco

Watch our interview with Ruth to learn what inspired her to become a jeweller, and find out about how she discovered the HÅG brand.

Both crafting modern treasures in very different landscapes, the brands were first acquainted 16 years ago when Ruth purchased a HÅG Capisco chair for her very first workshop.

Now, the Ruth Tomlinson team all use bespoke versions of the chair designed for the recently opened Hatton Gardens atelier, noting the practicality, comfort and movement options that the HÅG Capisco offers for a team of jewellery creators.

Ruth Tomlinson said 'Beyond an appreciation for the considered shape and form of Flokk's furniture, our brands share a similar view on the process of creation: with a combination of beauty, functionality and craftsmanship at its core, we champion production methods that are sustainable and mindful of their wider impact on our world.'

The studio also features bespoke RBM Noor in all social and consultation areas of the atelier. The functional yet sophisticated Scandinavian design heightened the sense of luxury required in such an establishment, whilst the range of fabrics and design features meant Ruth could truly create a design to fit her brand.

Ruth:"I really love they are made to order and the fact that it’s made out of sustainable materials. It blends so well with what we do and the company and our ethos.”

RBM Noor

In our second short film, we discover what influences Ruth draws on when she designs her jewellery, and what made her choose the RBM Noor for her new atelier.

Ruth will be at Clerkenwell Design Week 2019

During Clerkenwell Design Week, Ruth will be based in the Flokk, London showroom allowing visitors a rare opportunity to witness the creation of her unique designs and the tools needed to bring them to life. Come along for a rare chance to witness the art of jewellery making first-hand.