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Giroflex 150 Limited Edition
Designed by BIG-GAME, in collaboration with KNS

Available in five colours
with a transparent finish keeping the texture of the Japanese oak

  • Nature


  • Black

    30 Produced

  • Moss Green

    Last few remaining

  • Grey

    20 Produced

  • Indigo Blue

    Last few remaining


About giroflex 150

Developing giroflex 150

To develop the concept for the giroflex 150, BIG-GAME turned to the brand’s archives for inspiration, looking back over hundreds of wooden office-chair designs, dating back to the turn of the 20th century. Giroflex has a strong heritage in wooden chairs, having been founded first as a maker of bentwood furniture, before pivoting into workplace seating with the rise of office culture at the beginning of the 20th century.

One particular series of chairs, the Holson, created in the 1950s by influential German designer Arno Votteler, caught the team’s attention. Each key touchpoint of the Holson is made from wood and shaped for optimal comfort....


Japanese craft with high-touch quality

The wooden parts of the giroflex 150 are fashioned from timber from Japanese oak species (Quercusserrata and Quercus mongolica) by longstanding BIG-GAME collaborators, the expert woodworkers at Karimoku New Standard (KNS). The timber used is sourced from slender young-growth trees that would otherwise be discarded or pulped to make paper. Once felled, these trees are cut and replaced by other species in an effort to enhance biodiversity (making the forest more resilient). Making use of their extraordinary skill in Japanese wood joinery, the KNS team have developed ways to turn this wood, almost considered waste, into a beautiful and durable...


Synchro Motion that excites

The crafted oak components are held in place by a flexible steel structure and synchro motion mechanism cleverly engineered by Giroflex to fit under the seat. Putting simplicity at the forefront, other than the gas lift to alter the height of the seat, BIG-GAME has designed the giroflex 150 without the adjustable features typical of modern office chairs. Instead, the properties of the materials and the sophistication of Giroflex’s engineering allow the chair to naturally adapt to the weight of the sitter, and to dynamically respond to their movements.

We wanted a wooden chair with a very contemporary sensation of balance and dynamism to it....

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