Statement from Flokk

On the night of the 26th and 27th of November 2019, a fire erupted at our production plant in Turek, which destroyed part of the facility. Primarily the value chain of products under the Profim brand and contract manufacturing is affected.

All employees onsite were immediately evacuated. The situation is under control, no one were injured in the incident. Employees and neighbours are safe. In accordance to the information we have received from the emergency services, there is no indication of threat to the natural environment.

Our priority is now to take care of our employee’s needs, to stay in close contact with the fire brigade, police and local authorities and to help our affected customers. We are grateful for all the support from employees, local authorities, business partners & colleagues in industry, as well as for the efforts of all services involved in the rescue operation.

We are determined to ensure our operation in Turek resumes normal functionality as soon as possible.