Level up your gaming performance with RH

Any serious gamer knows how important it is to match a powerful gaming rig with a high-performance chair. That's why 00Nation, Norway's leading esports and gaming media association, chose RH chairs as their dedicated seating platform at their brand new state-of-the-art HQ & training facility.

RH chairs are designed for maximum human performance, complete with the latest in ergonomic technology, ensuring unrivalled comfort, support and control for extended seating. Each chair has an array of features built-in to improve posture, blood circulation, and breathing to help you maintain focus and composure during your gameplay.


Unboxing the RH Mereo

Professional Street Fighter players Arman "Phenom" Hanjani and Vegard "Veggey" Kopangen Bugge were so excited to finally receive their personalised RH Mereo chairs - check out their first impressions!

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Game-changing seating: RH Mereo

The RH Mereo is all about maximum performance combined with easy to use controls, making it the perfect gaming chair for shared gaming environments. Built around our unique ergonomic technology, the chair follows your body's natural structure, and is also characterised by high flexibility and strong visual elegance.

The RH Mereo follows even your smallest movements to always keep you active and provide support. This in turn stimulates blood circulation and facilitates breathing. Just sit down and adjust the chair to your body. The rest comes intuitively.

This high tech chair is available in a wide range of colours and materials to fit any...

Design your own RH Mereo
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Next level seating: RH Logic

The RH Logic is a high-performance chair fitted with cutting-edge ergonomic technology designed to be as intuitive and user-friendly as possible, making it a first-class choice when it comes to gaming.

Unlike standard gaming chairs, the RH Logic provides maximum support without hemming you in, providing a great range of flexibility and movement perfect for high-intensity gaming sessions.

Its sculpted shape provides comfort, keeping the back upright, and gives support in any position. A slight bulge in the upper back of the chair encourages an upright position and open posture, reducing the opportunity for slouching.

A rounded front and...

Design your own RH Logic
Rh Logic 00 Nation Gif

Flokk chairs at the 00 Nation Academy

  • RH Mereo

    Gaming chair
  • RH New Logic

    Gaming chair
  • HÅG SoFi

    Podcast room seating
  • HÅG Excellence

    Boardroom meeting chair
  • HÅG Futu

    Meeting room chair
  • HÅG Capisco

    Front desk chair

Creating the 00Nation Headquarters

How important is it to have the right gaming chair? And what does the right gaming chair need to do? We speak to 00Nation Commercial Director Steffen Willumsen to find out.

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About 00Nation

00Nation is Norway's leading esports and gaming media association, featuring a rosta of title-winning esports stars and a growing reputation as one of the elite teams in Europe. Their recently opened gaming academy in Oslo is a state-of-the-art facility, with an array of environments to help their teams progress to the next level.

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