Workplace Sustainability - What the experts say

Flokk surveys 100 sustainability managers in Sweden, unveiling key insights for creating environmentally conscious work environments.

Health, well-being and longevity are valued most when buying office furniture

We have produced a report based on a survey of 100 sustainability managers in Sweden, who give their view on what is important and what knowledge and working methods look like when it comes to sustainability in the office.

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  • "Considering sustainability in office furniture and Fixtures is more than just reducing carbon footprint; it also encompasses health and well-being. Employers bear responsibility for their employees’ work environments and health, irrespective of their location.

    Flokk’s goal is to contribute to the well-being of employees through attractive and sustainably designed workplaces.

    With this report, we want to raise awareness and inspire others about the sustainability aspects of office interiors.

    We hope you find the report interesting

    Mathias Fogde, Managing Director, Flokk AS (Sweden)