The Future of Workspace Design

We invite a range of expert guest speakers from the world of workplace design to discuss some of the big questions facing our industry.

The return to the office - How does the future look?

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Through intensive research, meticulous planning and staying ahead of the latest trends, designers, space planners and companies around the world aim to create an environment that enhances productivity, health and well-being, whilst promoting a company’s values and culture.

In a post Covid-19 world, the big question when it comes to workplace design is : As we start to return to the office, how different will it look?

For Flokk, this...

architect model of new Flokk HQ workplace with fabrics and models of peopel

Designing furniture for future offices

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In recent years, workplace design has been pivoting towards multi-user environments, with varied work zones suited to different tasks, shared by many employees.

The Covid-19 pandemic presents a significant challenge to this way of working. Social distancing, personal hygiene and working in isolation has been the state of play for many months now, and although the phrase “getting back to normal” is cropping up more regularly, what will the new “normal” look like?...

Man sitting in a red office sofa with pink fabric partitions made by Flokk brand Offecct

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