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Try a HÅG Chair Today

The best way to experience our chairs is, naturally, to try them! That is why you can try a HÅG chair through one of our participating dealers.

Why HÅG?

Balanced movement ensures active sitting - All our chairs have our unique HÅG in Balance® technology. This enables your whole body to be in continuous movement the entire time you are seated.

High-quality chairs designed to last - We make high-quality chairs that are designed to last.  All inner parts and outer details are rigorously thought through.

Pioneers in Sustainability - We have a well documented track record for reduced energy consumption, minimal waste and using recycled materials. We've also cut out all harmful chemicals in our production.

How does it work?

Just fill in the form and one of your local representatives will give you a call to go over your request, and find the best solution for you. Whether you are looking for something for the office, or maybe even the home, we are here to help you make the right choice.

Then, in your own time, you can get to know the chair before you decide to buy it. 

There's no obligation to buy, and your local dealer will help get the chair back to us if it isn't what you are looking for.

*Subject to availability, terms and conditions apply. Some countries are not covered by the Try before you buy scheme.

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