There is more to our name change than reducing the number of letters from 27 to 5. Our intention is simply to make our overall knowledge, experience and professional attitude more accessible to customers and business partners. Flokk is Norwegian for herd, or flock. The name is inspired by our collection of strong brands, but also how we work and interact socially in general. Flokk is synonymous with a group, defined by shared ideas, features or values. With our new name and visual identity we emphasise what it was always about in the first place - people. You meet a company that teams up and works with you. At Flokk we design for well-being and performance, supporting the functional needs, identity and culture of our customers. All our brands will continue to develop their products independently. In addition, as Flokk, we have an exceptional capability to offer architects, interior designers, distributors and retailers a whole new level of service, on a large scale. Read more about our in the links below.

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