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support 24/7

Some jobs are more demanding than others. For 24/7 operators, full attention is constantly required during long and intense shifts. These jobs also place high demands on the seating. Simply put, 24/7 chairs need to withstand constant use. Hour after hour, day after day.

The RH 24/7 series consist of three chairs with unique individual features. All chairs have been developed with ergonomics expertise and complies with international standards for 24/7 work. Robust construction, high-end ergonomics and high adjustability are features that are included in all our chairs. It’s an extraordinary series, designed for users that need to always rely on unconditional support.


Our 24/7 chairs provide all the comfort and support needed to focus your attention on work. Robust construction, easy-to-reach controls and extra-thick cushioning for comfort guarantees an intuitive and effortless user experience.

Human performance

Our 24/7 chairs are designed to promote good posture, blood circulation and oxygen flow, which are essential factors for workplace health in demanding environments.

Long lifespan

Our 24/7 chairs are tested and approved according to required standards. They are designed to withstand long-term intense use, also from tall and heavy users. All chairs come with warranty and several refurbishing options that allow for extended lifetime.

Close up of the RH Secur24 24/7 chair RH Secur24 24/7 chair

RH Secur24

Heavy duty seating for observation and monitoring
Close up of the RH Focus 24/7 chair RH Focus 24/7 chair

RH Focus

Flexible seating for observation and computer work
Close up of the RH Logic Elite 24/7 chair RH Logic Elite 24/7 chair

rh logic elite

First class ergonomics for intense computer work

24/7 chairs

First class comfort

Extra-thick, ergonomically shaped cushions

Easily adjusted

Controls are always easy to reach

Sturdy and durable

Robust construction and hard-wearing upholstery

For all sizes and shapes

Suitable for tall and heavy users