The RH Logic 200/220

Whoever you are Whatever you do Whenever you do it
Do it in comfort

The way we work depends on who we are, what we do and when we do it. But one thing that unites us is the need for well-being during long hours by the desk. The new and improved RH Logic is a natural choice for lasting individual comfort. By adjusting smoothly to your body and providing crucial support and relief, it helps you stay focused on getting things done – no matter who you are, what you do or when you do it.

02. Working lives

Meet photographer Anna Hållams and clothing designer Johan Lundell, two experienced professionals who put a lot of thought and effort into what they do and the way they work.

03. A brand new logic

We have created the new RH Logic 200/220 in order to make something great even better. A chair that merges characteristic comfort and first class ergonomics with improved features and accessibility to enhance user experience.

Furthermore, we have developed a new visual design to create a neat shape and sophisticated look that blends seamlessly into almost any working space.

And to really make a difference in the long run, we only use sustainable and recyclable materials in every part. The RH Logic 200/220 is built to last and to let you get the work done – with more convenience than ever.

RH New Logic
Office environment
”To make it accessible has been the driving force”
Jonas Stokke
Designer RH New Logic
RH New Logic Back

04. Improved design

The RH Logic 200/220 is the result of a five year long process, where our developers have collaborated closely with designers Jonas Stokke and Øystein Austad. The driving force has been to make the chair accessible and comfortable to use but also to manage and to look at. Partners and architects were involved early on in the process and a number of users have provided crucial input during several stages of testing and development. All this to make sure that the chair meets every demand.

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05. A chair built to last

Sustainability and environmental efficiency is a big part of the RH Logic 200/220.
The chair is designed to be long lasting and to make the lowest possible environmental impact throughout its life cycle – from raw material extraction to end-of-life. This is why all parts are easy to replace and disassemble, and every component is fully recyclable and free from toxic substance.

  • Recycled polypropylene

    88 %
    = 137 shampoo bottles
  • Recycled steel

    = 3 dinner knives
  • Recycled aluminium

    98 %
    = 466 aluminium cans

06. Tech specs

  1. Adjustable neck rest supports the neck and relieves the body
  2. Sculptured shape provides comfort, keeps the back upright and gives support in any position. Available in two heights and designed to allow movement for arms and shoulders.
  3. A bulge that encourages upright position and open posture.
  4. Inflatable lumbar support that can be adjusted with an additional pump.
  5. Separately adjustable backrest angle provides support in any position.
  6. Rounded front and waterfall edges reduce pressure on thighs.
  7. Adjustable seat depth improves blood circulation and leg support.
  8. Frictional tilt mechanism follows your every movement. Lockable in every position.
  9. Elevated base gives space and helps keep feet firmly on the floor.

07. Variations

With the RH Logic 200/220, you can choose between a number of features such as two different back rests and a wide range of colors, fabrics and stitching. Bases and castors are also available in different colors and materials.

  • Chair 1 details
    RH New Logic 200
  • Chair 2 details
    RH New Logic 220
    - Uniform Upholstery
  • Chair 3 details
    RH New Logic 200
    - Uniform Upholstery
  • Chair 4 details
    RH New Logic 220
Footbase in silver, black or polished aluminium
Decorative stitching

08. Options

A wide range of options and accessories are available for the RH Logic 200/220.
 Include them when you order your chair or add them along the way.

Neckrest in silver or black
XL Seat
Armrest in silver or black
Castors for hard or soft floors