Anna Hållams

A photographers
Working life


  • Age: 44
  • Lives: Jönköping, Sweden
  • Occupation: Photographer. Works with various photo agencies and newspapers, PR and lifestyle photography, food photography and directly with various companies.

The best part about being a photographer is that I get to be in the middle of the action and document what is going on. You could say this job is like a VIP pass to all kinds of cool places – from standing just below the stage, shooting a Springsteen concert, to flying in a helicopter over a raging forest fire.

I’ve been working as a photographer since the early 2000s, and I have to admit this is my dream job. It is exciting, interesting and fast-paced, which suits my personality well.

I started out as a press photographer, mainly shooting for photo agencies and newspapers. But over the years I have developed my repertoire, and today I do more PR and lifestyle photography, as well as assignments for various companies. I’ve done quite a bit of food photography in different contexts, which is something I really enjoy. It is actually harder than you might think, and it requires that you work closely with the chef and kitchen staff.

I’m happy to be able work in diverse settings and be assigned jobs all over Sweden, as well as in other countries. One of my current assignments involves marketing Sweden to foreign tourists on behalf of Visit Sweden. That means photographing everything from big cities to hidden gems along the Swedish west coast.

"My job gives me access to so many cool places"

There are so many beautiful places here in Sweden, and perhaps we underrate that fact when we long to get away. That is why I enjoy working for Kupé, a magazine published by Swedish train-operating company SJ. I really love travelling by train, and I hope it will become even easier and more comfortable to do so in the future – not just in Sweden but abroad. Railways usually take you straight to the city center and allow you to see so much more. I hope the classic Interrail trip makes a comeback.

Finding the right angles is crucial for me as a photographer, and it can involve both climbing and crawling on the floor. I also carry a lot of equipment, so I have to be strong and stay in shape. I work out regularly and when I do sit down to select and work on pictures, I make sure I sit properly. I want to last for many years to come.

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