RH New Logic

The Making of
RH New Logic

The driving force has been to make the chair accessible and comfortable to use but also to manage and to look at. Partners and architects were involved early on in the process and a number of users have provided crucial input during several stages of testing and develop- ment. All this to make sure that the chair meets every demand.

RH New Logic
the Designers

The designer Jonas Ravlo Stokke and Øystein Austad established their Oslo design studio in 2007. Today they both work in the fields of industrial design, interiors and furniture design. Jonas stokke runs an independent design studio under his own name and Øystein Austad is part of the internal Flokk design team.

Anna Hållans

Øysten Austad

Designer RH New Logic

Johan Lundell

Jonas Stokke

Designer RH New Logic

Flokk Design Team

The development and design of an RH Chair involves experts from several areas. Meet the team behind the new RH Logic.

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